Winter Flu Twist

When Christin Lipin went to the hospital - thinking that she had the flu - it turned out to be something much worse.

The diagnosis was easily mistaken for the flu at first by Christin and the doctors. Though once it didn’t go away and became more aggressive, they finally realized that it was something much worse - a flesh-eating virus. To take down the risk of losing her life to the virus, they had to surgically remove 30% of her soft tissue. Christin though didn’t make it through the surgery. Now gone from the flesh-eating virus due to bacteria from raw oysters that she had. Luckily, not to the flu.

How was that Important?:

Taking out the initial cause of the virus, taking care of your body and what is consumed by your body can turn into a bigger problem than anticipated.

Taking precaution to the flu, or even worse, it’ll be easier on not only you, but also your family. For instance, you could get your annual flu shot. Yes, painful to even think about. Although the flu shot can only help prevent it for a certain amount of time. So getting it would benefit in the long-run.

When sick, it’s better to stay home and take care of it head on. Keeping it within the household would keep it under that control and not passing it onto others.

Keeping yourself hydrated and taking ibuprofen or other mild pain-medicine could help with aches that you get from the flu. Then, while helping the actual cough and nose issues of the flu, use nasal spray or actual cold relief medicine.

Noted in Patient, a health website that helps tell you the causes of the flu; what you get from the flu, and how to prevent it, states that over the counter medicine to younger children (6 or younger). Giving them liquid Tussin and some cold medicines could hurt the kids with side-effects than actually providing help. Side-effects such as building an allergic reaction to the medicine, effects on their sleeping patterns, and hallucinations.


Protect yourself by dressing warm, then eating and sleeping properly should help your body keep itself healthy throughout the flu season. Prepare for the season with stocking up on medicines - be careful with what you get - and keep yourself mentally prepared for staying home for awhile.

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