Puella Magica: Madoka Magica

Puella Magica Madoka Magica, a story that was adapted into three movies from the manga is a story worth getting into for both men and woman. Probably not younger ones, there’s a good bit of deep meanings, plot twists, and death. To pull a warning, it has some mature content that teenagers will be able to handle.


Two normal girls that go to a middle school in Mitakihara City, they get a chance to go from normal, to extraordinary.

When they go to the mall one afternoon after school, they head towards a music shop for a friend of theirs that one of the girls is close to and wants to make him feel better with music. As our protagonist, Madoka Kaname was listening to music, she was hearing a voice.

Following that sound to the attic (forbidden to everyone due to it falling apart), she finds the little creature that runs to her arms in the brink of danger. Along with her friend following her.

Saving the creature, and the girls came Mami Tomoe. She was an upperclassman in the grade above theirs who introduces herself and the danger that they just experienced, the magic behind it from what she knows, and how much trouble they could’ve been in if she wasn’t there.

“Since Kyubey has chosen you, that means you are now part of our situation.” Mami Tomoe explains.

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