Logan Paul and The Suicide Victim

Around New Years famous YouTuber Logan Paul uploaded a video that struck the minds of every viewer. Paul visited Aokigahara, a forest on the slopes of Mt. Fuji in Japan also referred to as the “suicide forest” to explore and understand why this forest was known for its name. While filming there, he seemed to record a body hanging from a tree, posted it to his YouTube channel, and titled it, “We Found a Dead Body in the Suicide Forest..” The intro of the video consisted him of stating things such as “...I did not do this for views...this is real…”

After attention was brought to the video, he realized what he had done. He used actual footage of a suicide victim and thought it would be okay to use if he blurred out the face, which he did. Once the comments became unmanageable, Paul’s video was taken down. The angry viewers began to take their comments to other social media platforms.

Paul later posted an apology video which he said, “I am simply here to apologize...I should’ve never posted that video. I should’ve put the cameras down.” He also claims he never intended the video to be taken the wrong way and he was only trying to raise awareness for suicide prevention. Once the hatred died down Paul uploaded a Suicide Prevention Awareness video titled “Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow.”

Paul has many fans who have looked up to him for years. He is not an evil villain people make him out to be. He made a mistake which everyone does in their life. This mistake he made crossed the line for many but after the realization of what he did, he took immediate action to resolve the conflict. When in the moment, he did not notice how others would interpret the video but he wanted to make things right. Once Paul began to gain more views and subscriptions he wanted to take things to the next level. Once he had that glory of attention, he wanted it to last. He had more than 16,361,000 and over 3,000,000,000 views out of all his uploads. He made a mistake and he paid for it. He knows what he did and he cleared the air now all he needs is forgiveness.

I am a student at Greater Johnstown High School. My career goal is to be a photojournalist and to travel the world while capturing the sights I see.

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