The 2017-2018 school year is full of many lasts for high school seniors at Greater Johnstown Senior High. Athletes are leaving everything on the field/court, walking the halls, making memories one last time.

Senior, Alli Penna, a four year letterman Lady Trojan soccer player, just finished her fourth and final season. “It was bittersweet,” she stated. “One last game with the girls I love, playing the game we love.”

The Trojan football regular season came to end last Friday, letting playoffs have their fun. “It was honestly a once in a lifetime opportunity no other place around here even compares to,” senior Tyler Brewer said. “The history, blood, sweat, and tears that the past Trojans left at the [Trojan] stadium will always have that pride.”

Only 10 weeks into the year and already a bunch of opportunities have opened up to seniors. GJHS offers a program that allows seniors to attend school for half a day and leave to enter the workforce. “ It gives us a chance to get a taste of the real world,” Brewer vocalized.

As the year continues, seniors just like Penna and Brewer are looking forward to prom, walking at graduation, and preparing for the new chapter ahead of them.

“It’s sad that it’s coming to an end, but I will cherish the memories forever. Once a Trojan, always a Trojan,” said Penna.

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