The Annual World Affairs Institute Event

By: Tanaeya M. Ross

Cornell High School -- October 23, 2017, 10:48 AM ET

Once a year, the World Affairs Institute has an event for high school students and teachers. These events always are centered on a certain theme or topic. This year’s topic was global warming and climate change. There were many speakers there to educate the students. These speakers included Ms. Angelica Ocampo, Mr. Som Sharma, Mr. Ken Berlin, Dr. Jordan R. Fischbach, Ms. Susan Packard LeGros, and Mr. Randy Sargent.

During this event, I learned that climate change and global warming is a terrible curse that plagues the world today. Many people believe there is global warming, but it is only partially caused by humans, while others deny its existence. Although the facts show that global warming is causing white ice in the Northern Hemisphere to melt, the oceans to be too hot and the water becoming too acidic for coral reefs to survive, and a loss in forests.

Fortunately, there is still hope for change.  Many nations have already taken action. Back in 2005, the devastating hurricane Katrina devoured Louisiana. The people of Louisiana knew that unless something was done that up to 2,250 more square miles of land would be lost by the year 2065 and future flood risks would increase. So, the people of Louisiana made the 2017 master plan for a sustainable coast. Two other nations have also joined the party. Denmark has started using wind power by making it affordable. Seoul, Korea has built buildings upward and condensed and reduced car emissions by using bikes. Unfortunately, it will be more difficult for the U.S.A. to help out because President Donald Trump has backed out of the Paris Agreement which was signed in 2015, and it states that we cannot leave until 2020.

With that being said, there are also many ways that high school students can help out. Students can join the reality project chapter, engage on social media, and participate in local campaigns, and urge other institutions to join in raising awareness as well. Students need to notice that climate change is happening, and work to help over 13,500 trained Climate Reality Leaders.

In conclusion, the World Affairs Institute taught many high school students that climate change is happening now and there are multiple ways to stop it. There is still hope and you can help too!

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