Why do we write?

                      Why do we write?

 Writing is art                                                   

 Writing is a way of life for some

                  We write to express ourselves, we write because writing makes us, us.  People write for jobs, to share their feeling, or just a hobby because they love what they do. There is never ending possibilities when it comes to writing. There are no mistakes in writing (unless you count grammar and spelling). Writing shows who you really are; writing is not about what other people think; it’s about the message that you are trying to portray. Writing is an art within ourselves; writing shows how our mind processes things; it shows how we see and understand things. Some people write to show  the world what they are capable of.

                   I write to prove to people that I can be successful. There is an inter piece of you that can be shared through writing. Writing affects our brains more than what you would think. Writing is calming and meditative, writing can reduce stress levels. People write for there own reasons, no one can tell you that your writing is wrong unless you have grammar and spelling errors, it is not factual, or if your writing is counterfactual. Counterfactual means wrong or made up. Other than those four things no one can tell you that your writing is wrong. It’s your writing and that shows others how you see the world.

Loves writing, photography, and all types of art.. future Graphic Designer and photographer. Class of 2018. going to South Hills  in State College /Fall of 2018

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