Can girls have a guy best friend?

Can girls have guy Best friends?

Every girl needs a guy best friend

A gender does not make a friendship.  It's the personality of the person.true friends have each others backs no matter what. It’s also important  how they treat you. Honestly I feel like guys are better friends than female. , males usually do not talk behind your back. They are usually straightforward. Males tend to be more forgiving than females. Females tend to hold grudges.  Males for the most part are honest. They are sensitive but true with their word. I feel like girls should have a guy best friend because of the consistent loyalty that they  would receive.

Many people believe  that guys and girls can't be best friends because it would  lead to something sexual but that is not always true.  Maybe in some cases but not all. Friendship is how you and that other person connect in ways that could never happen with someone else.  So yes girls can have guy best friends.

Loves writing, photography, and all types of art.. future Graphic Designer and photographer. Class of 2018. going to South Hills  in State College /Fall of 2018

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