Cornell Gets Blown Out at Homecoming Game With a 49-12 Loss

Cornell’s played Rochester on Friday, September 23 for their homecoming game, and they did not get the result they were looking for. They took a stunning defeat on their home field with a final score of 49-12. Rochester scored 43 of those points in just the first half. Cornell was able to get two touchdowns of their own, but it wasn’t enough. Rochester continues their undefeated streak, while Cornell continues this season without a win. Some are questioning if they have what it takes to get a win this season. With only five games left, they will need to give it their best if they are to win.

Cornell’s defense played solid in the second half, only giving up six points in the fourth quarter. The offense was able to put up some points in the first and fourth quarters, but it wasn’t enough to compete with Rochester’s 49. Penalties and turnovers were also a factor in the Raider’s loss. Though, there were times where they were beneficial to the team, it was mostly against them. There are many people to blame for the loss, including the players and coaches, but in the end, they just didn’t do enough to beat their opponent.

Cornell’s football team was just brought back last year after going a few years without even having a team. They were unable to get a win last year, and so far, it is looking the same way this season. They are trying to improve upon both their offense and defense, but it hasn’t been enough so far. The team is also lacking in players. They don’t have enough to give everyone a break. By the end of the game, most players are tired from the long game they just played. The team needs to make some serious changes if they want to win.

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