TechToday: iPhone News (iPhone X)

iPhone-the brand that started the smartphone craze a decade ago-is ready to release the newest additions to it’s lineup. These phones now have official titles- “the iPhone X, the iPhone 8, and the iPhone 8 plus.” With these phones, Apple is hoping to take a huge leap forward with the smartphone business, following recent trends such as putting larger screens on their phones, but with less bezels. The “bezel”, for those of you who don’t know this, is that little bit of plastic or glass or metal on the front of your phone, surrounding the screen. By removing this, smartphone manufacturers can actually make their devices smaller, while giving them larger screens.

However, removing the bezels from their devices leaves Apple with a new problem-where will the put the sensors and input devices that need to be on the front of the screen? Apple has opted for an onboard home button, in place of the usual physical one, as well as a cutout at the top of the display, which will feature the front facing camera, iris sensors for facial id, and the speaker grill for phone calls. This leaves a cutout at the top of the display that some worry will make the phone look uncomfortable. However, to solve this problem, apple has chosen to only have one thing take up space at the top of the display along the sides of the cutout-the status and notification bar.

Along with the new display, Apple will also be introducing a few other upgrades to their new devices-in both hardware and software forms.

  1. On the software side, IOS 11.0.1 will ship on the new devices, making them the only devices currently capable of running it.

  2. This latest update to the Apple OS will include new features that will allow applications to take advantage of the new, larger display.

  3. The control center in IOS will be moved to the top right corner of the display.

  4. In place of the physical home button, the functions of the phone will now be controlled by a “home bar” at the bottom of the screen. These functions will include going to the home screen, opening the multitasking window, and going back a page.

  5. Siri, IOS’s native digital assistant, will now be activated by a long press of the power button.

  6. Due to the “bezel less” display, Apple no longer has room on the device for a fingerprint sensor, thus, the “touch ID” feature that many users formerly used to unlock their devices will now be replaced by a new “Face ID” function, which will use a dot projector on the front of the phone to read the user’s face, thus unlocking the device. Supposedly, this technology is equally as accurate as Touch ID, but many people fear this change.

However, despite all of these leaps forward in terms of specs and technology and design, there is still one thing that may hold many people back from switching over to the new iPhone “X”-the price. With a base price coming in at over a thousand dollars, this device does not come cheap.

So, it will now be up to customers to decide whether it is worth the high price to them to upgrade to the newest, greatest model of Apple’s iPhone lineup.

 My name is Mattheau Lee Sharp. I am 17 years old, and an aspiring photojournalist. 

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