It’s Fair Game

The time is here! A night of festivities for everyone to love and enjoy is right here for you.

Rides, Games, & Fun!:

The grand opening to the best night ever is ready for you! At Cambria County, this fair has been around for years. Adding more every year along with keeping the tradition that keeps the young and the old happy for generations. But beware, this amazing attraction is only temporary! From September 3rd-September 9th this year is all you get, at least until next year rolls by.

What’s to enjoy exactly? Well, plenty of things. For the kids there are animals to love and pet, sometimes even to hold. These events are usually sponsored by 4H- An animal rescue and educational program for kids to learn all about what they see. There are also rides for everyone. From the ‘Ferris Wheel’, and ‘Superman’ to the small jungle themed bounce house for the babies.

Not only are there rides, but also plenty of games, from throwing darts to balloons, fishing, and even just betting on a prize-I’m sure there’s something for everyone!


Snacks and food are practically everywhere! Along the side in the food court, even along the edges and middle with the games. Colorful signs and even mascots are everywhere your eyes can see. Old and new foods perk people’s interest to their tastebuds. Spicy, sweet, sour, tangy, anything to your heart's desire.

Other Attractions:

The rides and games aren’t the only one fun that they bring in, this year they brought so many attractions that you can’t even count! Like yesterday, September 4th, they had three main events. One, a bull ride that was sponsored by: ‘Cottle’s Asphalt Maintenance’. Two, Josh Gallagher from ‘The Voice’-whom was originally from Johnstown area. Three, late night fireworks sponsored by: ‘Post 363 Sons of the American Legion.’

So with plenty to enjoy and see, indulge and enjoy, come to the Cambria County Fair! I’ve been there for years, and promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Welcome to my account! I'm a first year in my Journalism class and I love to write. Feel free to enjoy anything that I write-because it's all obviously for fun (or for class)!

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