A Senior Send-off

As a graduating senior, I only have one week of high school left. 

Greater Johnstown High School, my soon to be Alma Mater, has shaped me as a person. As a freshman, I walked the halls timid, hoping not to be noticed. I now have found the importance of standing out. I enjoy speaking and meeting people, which is a great skill for a future politician to have obtained. Being a teenager is rough, but I've experienced most of it in one building. All of the highs and lows, and every emotion imaginable, were a result of my high school. I'm thoroughly prepared for life thanks to my school district.

As I sign off, there's many people I'd like to thank. Mr. Christian Wrabley, Mr. Robert Heinrich, and Mr. Dan Tomak for inspiring me to build a life around politics and history. Mrs. Tracy King, my forensics coach, has proven to me that speaking to others isn't so bad. Miss Sarah Lentz, who taught me both Spanish and French, has provided me with skills that can change the world. Of course I'd like to thank my parents for everything. To Hillary Clinton, thank you for showing me the ways of powerful women in politics. My biggest thank you goes to you: my readers. You have read all of my rants, and I appreciate your time.

I wish all of my readers a fantastic life. As for me, I'll be attending Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to double major in Political Science and History. Hopefully the next time you hear my name, I will have done something notable in the world of politics.

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