Roberto Clemente Jr. Visits Cornell

The son of the most iconic figure in Pittsburgh sports history was here at Cornell, Roberto Clemente Jr. spoke to the third graders on October 5, 2016. Roberto Jr.’s was invited to Cornell following partnership with his company RC21x, which is a brain health monitoring tool that uses games to check brain stability made in the honor of Roberto Clemente.

Robert Clemente Jr. speaks to Cornell Elementary students

Clemente Jr. gave children an uplifting and motivational speech by telling them about the impact they could have on the world and referring to the impact as their fingerprint that is to be left for generations.

His career was another great motivation for the children. Clemente Jr.’s dream was to win a World Series ring just like his father had many years ago, but his multiple leg injuries ended his career short. He went on to become a broadcaster for the New York Yankees, and in 1997 he finally received the ring he desired as a broadcaster. This stood as a great story of hard work and never giving up for the children.

Roberto Clemente Jr signs a student's arm.

Clemente Jr. told the children to go to their teachers and other adults in life when they have problems. The adults in his life helped him through the tragic death of his father, which had left the entire city of Pittsburgh in grief.

Clemente Jr. told the children about the message his father gave when he won his first World Series. His father Roberto Clemente had many accolades in his 18 years here in Pittsburgh. He was the first Latin American player in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. He brought home two World Series to the Pittsburgh Pirates, while winning the MVP once. He won National League MVP in 1966. He achieved over 3,000 career hits and won 12 Gold Glove awards.

I am a senior at Cornell High School.

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