Phones or No Phones?

Hi, im Kaylei Ellis, a sophomore at Greater Johnstown High School. If you look around at your surroundings right now, I bet that at least half of your class is on their phones. How many of you can’t go a day without your phone? Or how many of you make your phone your priority and can’t live without it? Well, I’m here to ask students at my school whether they think phones have a negative or positive effect on school, let alone life.

I’m here with sophomores Lynzie Palmer and Serena Davis; one thinks that phones are positive, while the other thinks that they are negative. The question was asked if they felt that phones helped in the classroom, or if they were more of a distraction. Serena argued, “Yes I think phones are extremely distracting, and they may even be the cause of students grades dropping.” She felt that students felt that their phones were more important than their grades, or it was just simply, not that they didn’t want to learn, but they were too attached to their phone. What studies show is that, these students may not even realize that they’re doing it, but quickly realize the dropping of their grades. 

But Lynzie had a different outlook. She felt that phones could even add to our education. “With the technology today, we're able to look up answers on the internet, or even more sources to help with our theories.” Lynzie thought that phones were definitely helping in classrooms and more positive than negative. 

Yes, phones may help depending on who you are, but they also take away from the attention when their teachers are trying to teach. So ask yourself, how do you see this… as an issue, or as an a priority in life.

SoPhMoRe at the Greater Johnstown Highschool

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