Trump fires Comey

On Tuesday, May 9th 2017, President Donald Trump, in a fashion compared to The Apprentice, fired FBI Director James Comey. 

Trump had his personal bodyguard, Keith Schiller, deliver a letter to the FBI headquarters, stating that Comey had been terminated. Comey, who was in California, received the news in the middle of his speech. A television in the back of the room flashed the breaking news that Trump had fired the FBI director. Comey immediately thought that it was a prank. 

News stations questioned Trump's actions. On the campaign trail, then candidate Trump praised the FBI Director for investigating his opponent, Hillary Clinton, in regards to her email scandal. More recently, Trump met with Comey at the White House. The two appeared to get along, even sharing a laugh.

Comey still had six years left in his ten year term. The media was in awe at the abruptness of his termination. Every news outlet fired off questions about the now former FBI Director. What would Comey do next? Would he still testify against President Trump? Would he be allowed to fly home on the FBI plane?

Trump claimed that the reason that he fired Comey was that he did not believe that the FBI Director handled the Clinton investigation properly. Many Trump critics claim that the President's actions contradict what he said on the campaign trail. In October, Trump praised Comey for investigating Clinton, having his supporters chant, "Lock her up!" Many people speculate that President Trump would not fire Comey based off of the move that handed him the election. So why did President Trump fire James Comey?

Comey had been investigating Trump's ties to Russia. Recently, Comey asked for an increase in funds to further research Trump and the Russian role played in the election. Perhaps Comey found something notable, and Trump got scared. The American population will find out when Comey testifies against Trump.

Only one other FBI Director has been fired. In 1993, FBI Director William Sessions was fired by President Bill Clinton for unethical actions. Comey was not performing underhanded tasks, so his termination is unprecedented.

Whatever happens next is up to Comey. One thing is for certain: After the year that Americans have had, we are ready for anything.

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