The Night of Shakespeare


          This past Saturday April 29th, The Band of Brothers , along with faculty and students from the district, made their second appearance to Greater Johnstown High School's library to celebrate Shakespeare's 453rd birthday by reading pieces of Shakespearean literature. Many great pieces were read aloud and acted out for the group. Mr. Eash, a substitute teacher at Greater Johnstown with a major in performance, read a monologue from the excerpt "The Tempest" in full costume which wooed the audience. 

Logan LaMaster, a senior and former lead in this year's musical The Addams Family, read sonnet 73 and sonnet 29.  Zakariya Scott, a sophomore who also acted in this year's musical, as Wednesday Addams, read 'To Be or Not To Be' along with sonnet 38. Everybody who read did an outstanding job, all earning a wholesome applause. 

For 27 years, The Band of Brothers have been allowing people to unleash talent and creativity through performance. Join them at Powell Stackhouse Park pavilion in Johnstown  July 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, and 22nd at 7:00 pm to witness the performers themselves during their production of Hamlet. Get your $10-$15 dollar ticket now!

11th grader at greater johnstown school district

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