Where do you stand?: President Trump's first 100 days

To measure the success of a Presidency, the first 100 days in office are often examined to define how much progress that the leader of the free world has made. A lot can happen in just 100 days. President Kennedy launched the Bay of Pigs invasion. President Reagan worked through an assassination attempt. More recently, President Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, only ten days into his first term. Many citizens question just how well President Trump is doing. This Saturday marks Trump's 100th day in office.

So, has President Trump had a successful start to his presidency?

Conservatives say yes. It's hard to be President, and Trump is taking on the challenge fairly well. Within the first few weeks of his term, Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch, who later was confirmed, to the Supreme Court. The President has also showed our foreign counterparts that America does not back down. Trump has met with many foreign leaders, bombed Syria, and threatened North Korea. Sure, he hasn't exactly gotten through all of his campaign promises, but these things take time. 100 days is not enough time to achieve every single reform that Trump has planned.

Liberals say no. The appointment of Gorsuch should not be considered an achievement, considering that the Nuclear Option was used to quickly pass him through the Senate confirmations. The bombing of foreign nations is also not a success. Considering that these bombings were not approved by Congress, and no diplomatic action was sought out, it has been proven that Trump is a hothead who acts before thinking. Obviously you can not accomplish every campaign promise in 100 days, but perhaps he could have done more if he didn't go on 20 different golf trips. 

Where do you stand?

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