What is happening with Arkansas and the death penalty?

Arkansas has frequently been in the news. A supply of the state's lethal injection drug, Midazolam, is set to expire at the end of April. Before the expiration date, Arkansas planned to execute 8 death row inmates in 10 days as a last ditch effort to use the supply. 

Many of the inmates chose to appeal their rulings to prolong their lives. 

Arkansas is one of eight states that has used Midazolam. Though the Supreme Court ruled in 2015 that the drug did not violate the 8th Amendment, three of the eight states decided to no longer use it to perform lethal injections. 

The state has already executed three inmates, including the first double execution since 2000. Ledell Lee, Jack Jones, and Marcell Williams are all murderers that were executed this week, by the process of lethal injection. There are plans to execute other death row inmates, though they are still in the appeals process. 

Source: The New York Times

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