Hate the iPhone 7

For the past two years I’ve been through three iPhone 6 Pluses due to dropping it and damaging the screen or damaging the inside of the phone.

While I was in Florida this past February I dropped my phone flat on its back on the floor of a bus. There was no damage to the screen or anything like that, but whenever I unlocked my phone and went on an app the screen would just go black. The only way to get my phone to turn back on was by locking my phone, hitting the back of it, and turning it back on.

Now I’ve been doing that for about a month now until this past weekend. I was at my boyfriend’s house and my phone fell out of my back of my pocket and fell flat on its back, just like what had happened in Florida.

Unfortunately my phone did not turn on, so I had to wait a whole day to get another phone. My mother was so angry with me, she told me I was getting a smaller phone because the plus was “too small for my hand.”

That next day we went up to verizon and a very nice man introduced me to the iPhone 7 Matte Black. The only reason I got the iPhone 7 was because verizon no longer carried anything below the iPhone 6S. So I did end up getting the Matte Black color and sadly a regular sized iPhone…

I hate how small my phone is now and wish I had my 6 Plus back, but that isn’t happening… it was so hard getting used to my new phone. Everything is so much smaller than what I’m used to, it’s literally like wearing a new pair of glasses.

However I do like all the new features on the iPhone 7, for example it is so much faster to unlock your phone and I like how everything is controlled by how hard you press down on your phone that was first introduced to us with the 6S

I do not like how there isn’t a headphone slot because now I can’t listen to music in my car and charge my phone at the same time which really stinks. I do really wish I had my iPhone 6 back. I know for sure to always have a protective case on now.

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