Too much snow no goes


          Snow. Everybody either loves it, or they hate it. Although thick layers of this frigid ice blanket lead to cancellations, (which we all love) it could also have an affect on us by postponing every day life. When somebody hears the words "snow storm" they often think, "Sweet! No school!" but they should also think about other aspects of the situation like, "When should I go to the store?" "Will my friend make it home okay?" Snow days have as many pros as they have cons, and it is much better to weigh out the consequences before you pray for no school tomorrow because you don't want to wake up in the morning. Sure, snow is beautiful and it is always nice to have a day off, and of course the way the snow sparkles on the ground is captivating. However, it is very important to take caution and think about other things the snow may have an impact on. For example, thanks to that snow storm, summer vacation is pushed back, sometimes even by a week or more. 

          The roads will be bad; always keep those behind the wheel in your thoughts. Keep an eye out for events that may be pushed back to a later date. Good luck to you on your next snow day!

11th grader at greater johnstown school district

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