An Open Letter to Anxiety

Dear anxiety,

    Let me just say that you will no longer control me. You've been my shadow for almost my entire life, and it's time to let the sun shine down on me. It's time for you to go, and it's time for me to be free. I will no longer be afraid to speak up for myself, or to stand up for what I believe in. I will no longer start to shake when I stand up to speak in front of the class, or when I have to tell a cashier that I'd like ten dollars on pump five. But, you know what will start happening? I will start being more independent, and I will be able to do more things on my own. You will no longer limit me for what I do, who I talk to, or where I go. The crying, shaking, and fear without reason will all come to a halt, and you will be making your way through the exit door. I will no longer let you bring your friend, insomnia, into my home either. Nor will doubt, fear, depression, or uncertainty be welcome any longer. There will not again come a night where I stay awake wondering if I'm worthy of the people around me, of love, or of attention. I now know that I am no less than anyone else, and I deserve as much as I try to give. I will no longer stay in bed all night long being fearful of what's going on outside of my home. Fear to go into the public will no longer consume me, and I will not allow people's opinions to take control of my own view of myself. I will no longer base what I'm worth off of what people have said in the past, because I am so much more. I am so much more than being judged in the school hallways, giggled about in the mall, or talked about in my fourth period class. I will be able to talk to the people who say I'm stuck up because I'm afraid to speak to them. I will be able to defend myself if someone makes false accusations about me. And, I will be able to walk away from any negativity thrown my way, without issue. All because my biggest burden, you, has been lifted off of my shoulders. 

Goodbye, and never think you're welcome back.

GJHS '18. With definitions, you eliminate creativity. I write open letters. I love hard hitting topics.

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