As we all know, the month of February is known as Black History Month. It starts February 1st and ends Feb. 28th. It is basically a month to celebrate, remember and recognize those who made important life changing events for African-Americans. I am thankful for these people who stood up for what they believe in because if they had not, half of my friends wouldn’t be here today' or I just wouldn’t know them at all.

Martin Luther King Jr. took a big part in this movement. He thought everybody should be treated equally, no matter the color of their skin. He and others fought hard for this, so they certainly deserve credit for it. At first, it was recognized for a week but in 1976, it was recognized as Black History month in the United States.

Out of many, I admire Rosa Parks' brave movement for freedom and equality. Rosa Parks refused to surrender her bus seat to a white passenger which spurred up the Montgomery and other efforts to end segregation. She was arrested because she didn’t move. Then, four days later, after her arrest, African Americans boycotted the public buses in Montgomery. The boycott began the day of Parks’ court hearing and lasted for 381 days.

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