Not Just a Pet, but Family

Mariah Eisenhuth

GJHS Reporter

In my household, our dog is nothing less than a family member. Many people put their dogs in kennels, have them outside in a dog house, and some even leave them locked in where they can only stay in one room, but that is not how my dog lives. My dog has his own bed and his own area to play and eat. He is allowed in any part of our house at all times so he feels that he is truly a part of the family.

My dog's name is Snickers and he has been in my life ever since I was only six years old. Growing up, I realized that Snickers has a personality; he can understand what we say to him at all times, and he listens when we tell him to do something. I didn't realize how much he could really understand how we humans work until I experienced it for myself.

If someone is having a bad day, Snickers will go over and jump on them and lick their face to try to make them happy. When he hears someone laughing, he will go and get all of his toys out so he can play, too. He is very active with his family and friends and likes to be involved when there are parties, dinners and even family games. He is the most playful, loving and strong dog I have ever seen.

Although Snickers is about twelve years old now, he is still very active. He runs around the house and plays outside which is rare anymore with older dogs. I am thankful to have an amazing dog like him; he grew to be my best friend over the years. Even though when I was younger I would carry him around by his ears, he still loves me as much as I love him. Snickers is not just a pet to me and my family--he is our friend, our family.

My Name is Mariah Eisenhuth, Senior at Greater Johnstown Senior High School. I am involved in Journalism, Yearbook, Weightlifting and Softball!

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