You are my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye.

Photo credit to Odyssey. 

My name is Kaylee Streightiff. I am a senior at Greater Johnstown High School. I like editing and writing. Some of my posts on here will be from poems I have written. Poems can rhyme and some will not. That is why I like writing them. One day I can write without rhyming and still have meaning in them. Other days I can rhyme away like no other. I also like how most poems talk of having strong emotions toward something. So this is the first of my poems. I hope that you enjoy reading them and maybe understand the emotions written in them.

You are my favorite hello

You always put on a good show

You know how to make me laugh

I feel like you are my other half

As much as I hate saying it I think about you daily

You even drive me crazy

Although sometimes you make me cry

They will never understand the reason why

You are always my hardest goodbye.

Just trying to make it. Senior at GJHS.

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