An open letter to the one who took a loved one's life

     I wonder everyday, how do you feel about taking someone else's life? I understand that accidents happen, but was that text worth slamming into the driver's side door of another car and ejecting the driver through the windshield? Were those couple beers worth the pain and suffering you caused to an entire family? Were those few hits of marijuana worth sitting in prison, where you are now? I know you didn't intend to take someone who was so loved away so quickly. But why would you make the decisions you did? You are the one who chose to drive impaired. Instead of spending the few extra dollars to call a taxi, and uber, or a lyft, you said you would be fine driving to your next destination, all the while your mind was obliterated with thoughts of anything but focusing on the road. 

     Maybe the pictures running through your head were of your significant other, your pet, or your family? Well, while you were thinking about that, you took someone else's significant other, a pet's owner, and someone's family member away from them. Not only that, but now you can only see your family and friends though a thick piece of glass. You can only hear them on a telephone that's sound quality is comparable to two styrofoam cups attached to a string. You caused a mother to see her child for the last time she would ever, in a casket. You caused a strong father to cry the tears that his child swore he would never see. You caused a brother, a sister, a cousin, an aunt, and some uncles to go into shock. You made someone's significant other question if life was worth living anymore without the person they loved more than life itself. You caused an innocent pet to get taken into a shelter, wondering why its owner never came home. 

       Just imagine what life would be like if you would've called a taxi, and not driven home. 

       Keep a life. Please don't drive impaired. 

GJHS '18. With definitions, you eliminate creativity. I write open letters. I love hard hitting topics.

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