Competing with time

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Megan McKee

GJHS Reporter

As a sophomore in high school, I tend to be overwhelmed with things such as school. I study and do homework. I go work out at the gym and go to softball practice. In all of these activities, I barely have time to be a teenager.

I find myself competing with time. In one day, I go to school and come home. Half of my day is already over. I do my homework either before or after I go to the gym. By the time I am finished with all of that, I am extremely exhausted. I love to take pictures, but I never have time to pick up my camera and take any. I have mentioned to my teachers that this is too much work to handle and they suggest better time management.

Perhaps, however, it's not that I'm a bad manager of my time. Perhaps, the amount of homework is just too much. 

The site says, for example, that “research shows that some students regularly receive higher amounts of homework than experts recommend, which may cause stress and negative health effects.”

On Fridays, teachers tend to give us, the students, more homework than on weekdays because we have the weekend to complete it all. My weekends then consist of homework, studying, and then practice. I then become extremely stressed and do not want to complete my school work. 

Where is there the time when I can hang out with my friends? It feels like I never can. 

I am a sophomore at Greater Johnstown high school. I am in the Associates Degree in high school program and also, I am in interact club, journalism, school and travel softball, and I have my own photography business.

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