On January 26, Ronald Fisher, reporter from the Tribune Democrat visited Greater Johnstown Journalism staff to discuss a newly launched digital network: Fusfoo.

     Fusfoo was introduced to 23 pilot schools, the majority of them located in Pennsylvania with the purpose of creating availability of modern news.

     The twist?

     The reporters are high school students.

     According to newswire, Evan Denner, Fusfoo co-founder stated, "Fusfoo is the first high school national digital network where both the video and editorial content is created by high school students for high school students. Every US high school will have its own digital channel where students have the opportunity to create, edit and curate editorial and video content from their schools, their communities and any other place they can capture content." 

     The pilot schools from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, Greater Johnstown being one of them, were the first to explore the site, a friendly environment welcomed to the public where high school students report, write and post their articles which can be liked, shared and featured. Students are given the leisure to freely express themselves through their writing and sustain their knowledge of today's news.

     Each article displayed is unique, adding on to Fusfoo's overall distinctiveness.

     Sydney Baumgardner, a junior reporter, was one of many whose post made it to the National Channel with her article "Operation Warm."

     "When my teacher said someone was posted to the national page, I didn't think it was me," Sydney exclaimed. "I was just like whaaat?" 

      Fusfoo is here to help amateur journalists, like Baumgardner, find and express their voice through an online platform--writing with a multi-media perspective. This is much the same way career journalists, like Ronald Fisher of The Tribune Democrat, share their work with the public in the field today. 

      Greater Johnstown High School is helping to lead the way.

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