Nothing but hard work and dediction

By: Kaylei Ellis

    The Johnstown Cheerleaders have been very successful so far this year. They’ve received 1st place in every competition so far. But there’s a lot of practice and effort put into it, which is how they've gotten to where they are. They practice everyday, make group chats so that everyone stays updated, and they don't give up. Even when a stunt falls, or they have a bad practice, they are determined to make up for it the next day and encourage each other. Lynzie Palmer and Amaiah Ellis, both a part of the cheer team, are proud to call every Johnstown cheerleader their team, and most importantly, their family.

    Lynzie Palmer has cheered for Johnstown for 8years. She’s a sophomore, and plans on cheering for both her junior and senior year. Lynzie feels like the team has come very far from the beginning of the year, up until now. “We went from falling every time, to hitting the stunt perfectly out on the mat. Yes, we have bad practices, but we use each other to encourage one another and tell them, nobody's perfect, you’ll get it next time,” she said. Lynzie is very excited to see what will come of this year.

    Amaiah Ellis is now a junior and is hoping for a successful year, but mostly to start making memories. She has been cheering for Johnstown for 5 years and is dreading the thought of being a senior next year. Amaiah is already, very excited for Florida. “We’ve come so far, and I'd love to make history and become a 2017 National Champion! Everything up until that last competition counts. We have to fight for what we want, and never stop believing in ourselves. I'm excited to see what comes of us this year,” she said.

    The Johnstown cheerleaders have shown us nothing but determination and what it looks like to fight for what you want. Good job girls, and good luck at Nationals!

SoPhMoRe at the Greater Johnstown Highschool

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