Gibson getting ahead of the game

Gibson getting ahead of the game

BY Anaya Tisinger

GJHS Journalist

During their senior year, some teenagers often question what they will do next. Bryce Gibson a senior on Greater Johnstown's football team, is ahead of the game. With more than half a school year left in his senior year, on Saturday November 12th, Gibson has committed to Youngstown State to continue his education and football career after high school.

Gibson is a very important factor to the football team. He contributes to the team a lot with not only his skills, but his positive attitude and leadership. He is someone that not only the team looks up to, but even younger children in the community. Making the decision to where he would continue his football and education career wasn’t the easiest choice to make. He has advice when picking a team to commit to.

“Choose the one you really like because they all say the same thing. In other words, follow your heart because all the teams are going to tell you what you want to hear to make you want to play for them.”

Since one of the hardest tasks of his journey is out of the way, Gibson has goals for the team that he is determined to follow through with. “To win a state championship,” Gibson says, “by staying and succeeding as a team.”

The team has a record of 12-1, with a back to back District 6 championship title. Additionally, they have broken the record of consecutive wins in a season. They have not only made history for the school, but for their individual achievements, as well.

“My dad just signed me up when I was little, and I just stayed with it,” says Gibson. So, at 4 years old, Gibson started his career path, playing a sport that will now provide him with a college-level experience and a post-secondary education.

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