The Good Will of Goodwill


Mr. Heinrich of Greater Johnstown High School organized with some wonderful people from the company of Goodwill to come and talk with students during their advisement periods.

“There are career experts up at Goodwill,” Heinrich says. “They prepare students to have a readiness in their career, and teach things that we here at High School don’t” As it turns out, Goodwill is more than meets the eye. The company actually has partners with careerlink, and offers many programs, clubs, and of course with that some great opportunities for students.

“Students don’t realize Goodwill is also an office to provide different types of clubs, and make an attempt to reach out to kids-it’s more than just a clothing store” Goodwill mentor, and partner with career link Laura Mosojak says. Some of the programs Goodwill has to offer include a variety of clubs, the opportunity to obtain a GED, resume building and job search. When people need help achieving their goals, Goodwill is the place to go!

11th grader at greater johnstown school district

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