Rehabilitation Before Incarceration


We need to take a stand on the drug epidemic. Here’s a proposal; rehabilitation before incarceration. Opiate abusers are too often caught, sent to prisons, serve time, and are released with a mere slap on the wrist only to be placed back into society with little punishment rather than being put into rehabilitation where the addict can recover and fully live a better life. Holding an addict in a cell for a period of time, even with the help of a clinic to prevent withdrawal, will cause anticipation of more drug use, leading to further abuse upon release.

Drug abuse and incarceration is a repetitive process. The user gets busted and sent to jail, where he serves time and goes home to continue using. However, this pattern can be put to and end if the addict were to be placed in a clinic where he can receive help from professionals before being relieved of their sentence. By doing this, professionals could potentially cut all of an abusers ties with motivation to get there high, and replace them with the motivation to quit.

If it were mandatory for an addict to find out why they began using in the first place and to be treated for their addiction, they would be less likely to continue using. By putting a halt to the abuse while the addict is serving time, the cycle would be broken. When the newly recovered addict is finished with their time and sent home they are unlikely to re-offend, giving back his peace of mind, sense of self control, and overall sanity to have the ability to live a significant life. If the pre-addict is to gain his life back he could get a career, start a family, or simply live a happy, healthy, drug free life. Having a happier life not consumed by drugs as opposed to a revolving door is a seemingly much better idea. Instead of circling the drain an addict should be forced to get the help that they need and not just put in a jail cell to have the overpowering hunger to proceed with their addiction.

11th grader at greater johnstown school district

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