An Open Letter to the Absentee Mother


      Just kidding, I don't even want to call you that. You're just the person who gave birth to me. I want to say thank you. But, I want to say thank you for giving me to a family who would care about me more than you ever would've. I want to say thank you for all the times you missed your custody visits because you didn't care about me. Honestly, I bet you're only like this because you don't know how to assume responsibility for anything or anyone. Yes, I understand you were young when you had me, but that's no excuse. Own up to your own mistakes and take care of the one you created. When it comes down to it though, it's a good thing that you never did want me to be a part of your life. I grew up much better without you. As many times as you tried to convince me that my family consisted of bad people, I applaud you for the effort, but you failed tremendously. I applaud all of the effort you put into lying to me and wasting my time. Thanks for the single birthday in which I saw you, thank you for your time, but I didn't want it. I never wanted anything from you. You've declared me as not being your child, and said you never wanted to be my mother. You claimed you wanted to abort me, and your mother supports that you should've. But thank you for these words. No, that isn't sarcasm. Thank you for confirming that I didn't need you in my life. Thank you for confirming that I'm strong enough to not need someone as childish and petty as you in my life. The best to your daughter who you actually wanted, this isn't her fault. But just know that I got used to you not being there for me. I used to ask myself why a mother wouldn't want her child. But when it comes down to it, we would've conflicted far too much. You're childish, petty, and vengeful. I'm a positive thinker, a hard worker, and dedicated. I'm sorry that I burdened your life in the few days you've seen me in my seventeen years, but you don't deserve someone like me. I hope life treats you as you deserve. I grew up healthy and happy without you. So thank you, for leaving. 

Without love, 

Your unwanted daughter. 

GJHS '18. With definitions, you eliminate creativity. I write open letters. I love hard hitting topics.

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