Advisement: a new beginning


The 2016-17 school year began with a program to help benefit students in new ways. The Greater Johnstown School District now offers a mandatory advisement period every Wednesday where students go to a classroom in order to deeply explore their future.

Students will remain with the same advisement teacher for the rest of their schooling career. This helps to build a relationship for students to have a bond with their advisement teachers. This will allow students to open up and find themselves while staying in their comfort zones.

“Advisement is a chance to be kind of like a school mom, giving students opportunities they wouldn’t get themselves, and giving them the support they need,” Mrs. Younkins, math teacher at Greater Johnstown High School said. Teachers at the middle and high school levels are now more capable than ever to ensure their students are moving in the right direction and staying on track.

Advisement is a way to break through to teens that there is another way through positive influences, and show that they can make a better life for themselves. The district makes advisement a priority.

“It is important for students to have someone they can go to for support,” Younkins said, explaining the importance, and necessity the period is.

11th grader at greater johnstown school district

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