Life as a school cheerleader

Hello, my name is Lynzie Palmer and I am a proud student at Greater Johnstown High School. I am a game cheerleader and also a competitive cheerleader. I have been cheering my whole life, starting at the age of 4. I like to think that the reason why I’ve been cheering for so long is because of the challenges involved in competitive cheer. For example, it isn’t about you in your routine… it’s about your team and trying to make them step out of their comfort zone.
 As of right now my competitive team and I have crazy schedules due to states in Hershey this weekend. Some of us, like myself have jobs and cannot work all week because of practices and basketball games we MUST cheer. Which really sucks because that means I’m going to get a blank paycheck…
This Thursday is the day we leave, it starts out with finishing all my packing at 5 A.M. and then getting ready for school. I have to get on the bus at 6:45 A.M. and be at school all day. After school my team and I have to go home, get our overnight bags and bring them to our 3:30-5 P.M. practice. When we complete our practice we have to get on the charter bus and head to Hershey.
This is a big competition for my team and I, not only to keep our winning streak (8-0), but because it’s one of the hardest. We haven’t won states in Hershey for almost 4 years now… stay tuned to my page to see if we won Tuesday.

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