An Open Letter to the Pet I Lost

My  Lost Pet, 
      You have no idea how dearly I'll miss you. You've been my best friend for years upon years, and it's strange to sleep without you by my side. You were always there to keep me calm, to keep my safe, and most of all, to be my closest companion. Your paw was always open as if it were a hand to hold, just as your warmth was always there in moments where I needed a hug.

     You have been through a lot in the last little while. You've been sick, and suffering. If only you could've spoken to let me know what was wrong. You were strong, and didn't show signs until it was too late. I apologize for not catching this early enough. You always loved to sleep the day away, but, I never thought this day would come where you slept for the rest of eternity. I hope your blind eyes have healed, and your deafness has been cured. I hope your kidneys and bladder now properly function. 

     I'll miss you until the end of forever. Just know, my love is with you always. Your collar is in my room, and your paw print is framed for your entire loving family to see. Wait for us all up there. We'll see you soon my angel, have fun running around and playing with all your new friends, and your old friends who you haven't seen for a while. Don't worry about the tears falling from my eyes, they're not of sadness, because I know all your pain has been taken away. I've watched over you for most of your life, now it's your turn to watch over me. 

Love always, 

Your mourning owner. 

GJHS '18. With definitions, you eliminate creativity. I write open letters. I love hard hitting topics.

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