Finding Your Beauty in Cosmo!

GJSD Reporter

             On the 5th of October guest speaker Camillya Taylor, a professional cosmetologist, who owns her very own salon “House of Styles” that you can easily find in the downtown area on Market Street, spoke to former juniors and seniors at Greater Johnstown Senior High School during periods 5-8th of the cosmetology class, one of the many vocational classes offered at GJSD.
             She mentored the student IIs’ on how to properly apply makeup. From contouring, and blending various colors of eyeshadow, to styling updos on seniors’ Alizay Arman and Bailey Hovanec. 
            Senior Ayzahna Tisinger helped style Alizay’s hair to a side braid curly extensions to highlight the Mohawk.
           “It was a fun activity to work with my peers in the; it helped me better myself for my future profession.” Ayzahna says.
Thursdays and Fridays are “clinic time.” Students in school can come down during periods 5-8th to get their nails, eyebrows or hair done. Most people pay from $50 to over $100 at a professional salon to do a simple coiffure or acrylic nails but the prices drop three times that. Imagine only needing to pay ten to fifteen dollars for a beautiful transformation.
             The “project” was a team partner activity. Juniors Gabby Burkhart and Cassidy Klein collaborated with Bailey as well as the rest of the juniors to do the facial makeup section of the tutorial. The activity offered the ‘real-world pressure’ of possibly having a professional or critic overlook their future work. The activity gives insight on what could happen in the future of cosmetology.
           Gabby says, “It showed us how to work in a team and what our career field will hold for the both of us.”  Cassidy agrees. 

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