The Real Star of Lost in Yonkers: The Cityscape View!

Starting today at 7:00, the CHS play, “Lost in Yonkers,” will perform at the CMS Nantkes Auditorium stage. There has been a tremendous amount of effort to make this play happen, and I was lucky enough to be a part of it! 


For the past two weeks, senior Emily Reed and I have been helping by painting the cityscape view behind the windows of sophomore Izzy Hill’s set design. While it might have seemed like a large project to pull off, Emily and I were able to finish it just in the nick of time!


The cityscape that we painted was divided into two flats that combined to create the whole view. In order to create such a magnificent view, Emily and I took inspiration from past pictures of the great city itself, Yonkers, NY. To catch that old-fashioned vibe, the color scheme we used consisted of light and dark shades of reds and grays, alongside some black. 


Using the color scheme, on the left side, Emily created a balcony, with shadows of buildings filling up the background behind it. On the right side, we continued the shadows and added two red brick buildings that were more distinguishable from the shadows. Near the end, Emily used her remarkable art skills to create dimension on the buildings and gave the bricks and shingles shadows to create a more realistic effect. 


Although we were in a time crunch, painting alongside Emily was definitely an enjoyable experience as I got to know her better over time. I was very honored to have been able to help out and work on this project with her!

Make sure to invite all your family and friends to this spectacular show, you definitely want to take advantage of this opportunity to witness the spectacular show, Lost in Yonkers!


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