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Robotics is a multidisciplinary field that requires structural engineering, mechanical engineering,  electronics technology, technical documentation, technical presentation, computer science and creative problem-solving. Robotics is a way for students to put their creativity, and technical knowledge to use by designing, building, and programming robots. 


The robotics team takes on various challenges in their competitions this year. This season’s task includes the placement of 6-inch disks into high and low goals. Tasks must be completed in order to have a certain amount of disks in their respective places to score the maximum amount of points within the time provided. 


The squad is made up of four high school teams and two middle school teams. Three of the high school teams and one of the middle school teams currently rank in top 10 in Nebraska. Robotics coach Adam Whitmore further explains the season, “At the Lakeview tournament 042B ‘The Electric Sheep Company’ earned the award for top skills and drew a number 1 seed for the tournament. At the St. Paul tournament ‘The Electric Sheep Company’ also once again earned the top skills score and 042C ‘Assorted Cable Ties’ drew a number 2 seed. At our own home tournament - the first tournament we have ever hosted - 042A ‘Eris’ was part of the winning alliance for the tournament.”


Robotics has been a competitive team for 10 years at Columbus High School. According to Whitmore, “Our robotics teams have worked very hard this season and it has paid dividends in the very difficult league. I would also like to thank everyone that has had a part in robotics this season, especially those who were not part of robotics that helped with the setup, running, and tear down of the tournament, it could not have been done without you”.


The Robotics team has had one heck of a season and is excited to see what the future holds. 


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