Bringing holiday spirit into everyday life

The holidays have always been a beacon of joy and hospitality that many people spend most of the year waiting for. However, with no federal holidays until May, many people are down in the dumps without the joy of celebrating a holiday. So what can you do to bring holiday vibes into this holiday-less part of the calendar?  Well, Anchor News is here to help.


I know this quarter of the year can feel like a long period with nothing to look forward to. However, there are plenty of ways to make the most of these months and stay busy. One option is to focus on personal growth and set some goals for the month. This could include learning a new skill, reading a certain number of books, or trying out a new hobby! While it’s not exactly a date on the calendar, with the right attitude, you can make it one of the most productive parts of your year!


The essence of the holiday spirit is mainly composed of the holidays' excitement. However, setting up miniature trips or vacations can often give the same excitement that waiting for one's favorite holiday creates. Setting up vacations, even if it is only for a weekend, is the perfect way to cope with the lack of holiday spirit until May. Try taking a day trip out of town, but don’t just visit the mall and return home.  Visit a tourist trap or something you’ve never seen before. Stay at a nice hotel one night or eat at a new restaurant.  Taking the time to investigate and adventure to these new spots will create a holiday spirit in this holiday drought.


Another reason many people anticipate the holiday season so much is the opportunity to see family and friends. However, making one's own event such as a party or even a game night can bring all of one’s family and friends together for an amazing event. Even a small get-together with a few friends or family members can bring excitement back into people's lives during this holiday-less season.


Finally, it's important to prioritize self-care and take time to relax and recharge, whether that means taking a day off work, practicing meditation or yoga, or indulging in some favorite activities or treats. With some creativity and intentionality, the months to come without holidays can still be a fulfilling and enjoyable time. 


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