Junior Class Officers Elected

This last week, the final poll for the new class officers took place, with the candidates finally being chosen. After the long vote extension process due to the snow days, Angelo Biel took the office of class president, Tanner Esch will assist him as vice president, Alissa Pacheco as the secretary and Abbie Merida as the treasurer. 


Angelo Biel stated that his intentions as class president are mainly composed of being a strong leader and working to find solutions for the problems that our school is facing. One of Biel's main goals is to get the students involved with more academic and extracurricular activities suited to their needs. Biel also hopes to achieve the feat of encouraging the class of 2024 to achieve the highest graduation rate possible.


When Biel learned of his new position, he stated, "During the announcements, I did not know that I would win at first. In all sincerity, I thought that Alissa Pacheco, the current Secretary, Abbie Merida, the Treasurer, or even Tanner Esch, whom I am privileged to work with as my Vice President, would win. Once I heard my name, I was shocked. After realizing this and letting everything sink in, I proceeded to feel honored."


Tanner Esch will assist Biel as the junior class vice president. Esch's intentions with his newly acquired position are to help out in as many aspects as possible simply. When informed of his new job, Esch stated, "I was so surprised. I would have never thought I'd be in this position." Esch disclosed he couldn't specify one thing he was most excited about due to the compelling process. As a last note, Esch wished to state, "Go Discoverers!"


Alissa Pacheco, junior class secretary, plans to focus on school activities. In her own words, she stated, "my intentions are to help plan and help make activities the best they can be. I want to help in any way I can!" Earlier on the day of learning about her new position, Pacheco, also a part of the prom committee, went to Ms. Kwapnowski's room, believing it to be a prom meeting and was extremely surprised to find out about her new class officer title. Pacheo stated she was most excited to improve her leadership skills and work with the class of 2024 to make it the most memorable year yet. 


Lastly, Abbie Merida won the office of class treasurer, with her intentions composed of a desire to help out as much as possible along with a want to make a difference in our school. Merida stated, "My reaction when I found out was surprising and I was amused by the idea of being chosen." Merida is excited about working with the other class officers to make a difference in our school community. 


All in all, the new class officers of 2023 are more than ready to bring their ideologies and new ideas into our high school. We wish them luck in all their future endeavors!


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