Cow Breaks Out of Gate at Sales Pavilion

On Sunday, January 22, a cow at the Columbus Sales Pavilion broke out of a gate. The cow bolted onto US Highway 81 and over the viaduct, running against traffic. 


Vehicles traveling over the viaduct swerved around it or came to a stop to avoid hitting the loose animal. Some people even tried chasing the aggravated bovine.


By the time Officer Brad Wangler approached the scene, the cow had traveled off the viaduct and started east on 8th St. towards the train tracks. Positioned east of the viaduct and north of the tracks, Wangler and Officer Jorge Magdaleno received clearance to shoot the cow before it caused any injury or damage. 


“I turned away from the cow for just a few seconds to get the shotgun from Officer Magdaleno,” Wangler said. When he turned back, the cow reversed about 30 or more yards in the direction of the officers.


In a matter of seconds, the agitated animal charged at Wangler and Magdaleno. Wangler, taking careful stock of the situation before taking his shot at the animal, was forced into action. 


As the beast charged, Wangler fired a slug that hit the cow’s front, causing its knees to buckle. Wangler shot the cow a total of four times in quick succession to ensure a timely death for the daunting creature.


The carcass, unfit for human consumption, was sent for rendering, which is a process that involves heat to turn animal carcasses into pathogen-free feed protein. 


Cattleman Dan Tuchscherer of Tuchscherer Farms in Milbank, SD explains, "Meat rendering plants process animal byproduct materials for the production of tallow, grease, and high-protein meat and bone meal."


"Byproducts of the cow may include dog food, hide glues or other animal-based products used in various industries."


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