Columbus's New Year Weather!

Good morning Columbus High School and welcome to my weather recap for the first two weeks of 2023. I'm Brenna Wemhoff here at Columbus High hoping you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


Starting off on a high note - New Years had a low of 27 but warmed up with little to no breeze and had a whopping high of 43 degrees. Talk about starting the year off right! From January 2 through the 5, these were all semi-decent days compared to the rest of the fortnight, with an overall high of 34, and a low of 18. On the 6 however, we happened to get bamboozled. 


Unfortunately, the weather went into full winter mode with a high of 19 and a low of 12. If you happened to take a quick glance outside on this day, you may have seen a few performances of “Swan Lake” gone wrong, where kids are not only jumping and twirling, but also face-planting on the ice with rosy cheeks and runny noses. Although we've had worse weather in the past, it was a rude awakening after those first few peaceful days.


On the 7, Mother Nature seemed to realize her harsh weather from the previous day was irrational and the high was a seasonable, but still chilly 36 degrees with a low of 14. Apparently, she still felt bad since she then worked her magic by having the next three days skyrocket to highs of 43, 45, and 48. After that heat wave, all of Nebraska forgave her for the obnoxious weather on the 6th. The 7 was a mediocre day compared to the rest, with a high of 36 and a low of 14. The 8 was slightly better with a high of 43 and a low of 12. The following day had another high that landed in the 40's, maxing out at a whopping 48 degrees. The low for that day was 21. The 10 was pretty much a copy of the 9, with the only difference being a high of 48 degrees instead of 45. With a hop, skip, and a faceplant, the 11 drops with a high of 37 and a low of 26. We were doing so good, too.


After face-planting into the 11, we then go six feet under into the 12 with a high of 28 and a low of 19. It gets a little better on the 13 with a high of 32 and a low of 16, but still not exactly fantastic weather. Finally, the 14 sweeps us off of our feet, carrying us back into the 40's, just barely. The high is 40 with a low of 25. 


Since we're discussing the weather, let's talk about the extended break we got last week! Last week, on Wednesday and Thursday, we received news from the school that there would be no school for students due to the weather. Shortly after 12pm on Wednesday, it started to flurry. The wind then picked up and became extremely aggressive, blowing flakes all over the place. On Thursday, I myself had to scoop my driveway not once, but twice. Sometime over Wednesday night, the wind started to pick up and by Thursday morning, winds were speeding along at 20 MPH. 


In conclusion, weather in Nebraska is unpredictable and harsh. I would tell you to stay warm, but depending on the day, that doesn't take much. Instead, I wish you good luck in this lovely storm of unpredictable weather, and hope that you all stay safe.

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