Concert Band’s Patriotic Performance

This year's fall concert band at CHS performed a Veteran's Day concert alongside the jazz band conducted by student teacher Mr. Dalton Rath. The jazz band played four snazzy melodies, and the concert band played catchy patriotic tunes and the Armed Forces Medley to recognize the veterans who bravely served.


The jazz band began with "Encantadora," which, in Mr. Rath's words, has a "Latin dance feel to it, with a percussive driving rhythm." Following this song was the "Flight of the Foo Birds" which Rath described as a tune with an upbeat feel, embodying jazz swing. Next was "Past My Bedtime," a slow blues piece epitomizing easy-going and laid-back. To conclude, the ensemble performed a jazz standard, "Sideways Walking Dog." The tune with the funny name left an unforgettable impression on the crowd, and was the perfect way to conclude their set.


The next group to perform was the concert band. They began with "American Flourish," a patriotic fanfare to give a grand and powerful entrance. After this was a classic baseball game song, "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," followed by a harmonical and melodic tune, "Home on the Range." With this number, the band worked vigorously to perfect the dynamics; the song was slow and moving and had several decreases and increases in sound throughout the piece. Their efforts paid off, and the song proved to be one of many highlights of the concert.


Next was "American Legion," a patriotic march filled with articulation and dynamics that flowed through the song. To conclude, the concert band played "Armed Forces - The Pride of America," which included a medley of service songs - a fitting end to a Veteran's Day concert. 


For Mr. Rath, the experience has been time well spent. He says it was a bit hard at first. Being brought in to conduct a new ensemble playing the level of music the concert band performed is no easy feat. However, Rath was ready for the challenge. 


"The higher level of musicianship is what separates a great performance from an outstanding performance. I could not be happier with how the band has responded to me as a director."


Rath's plans after he finishes student teaching is to apply for music director positions, whether it be choral or instrumental. He says, "Wherever I end up, I hope that I can instill the same standards of excellence I have experienced here."


With the Veteran's Day concert in the books, the band is now preparing for their upcoming holiday concert, on December 19, so make sure to mark your calendars. This is a performance you definitely do not want to miss!


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