Taking a Closer Look at 2022's Homecoming Queen

Who was 2022's homecoming queen? This year's queen was the astonishing Sarah Lasso. While Columbus High has gotten to know this year's queen over the last four years of incredible success, the woman behind the resume is equally, if not more, impressive.


From performing on the links and courts to performing on stages, Lasso participates in various academic and athletic activities. Whether it's Golf, Tennis, Speech, Neptune's Angels, and New World Singers, Lasso has raked in the awards over her four years of involvement. 


Lasso stated, "I have been able to letter in every activity since I started freshman year (except for tennis because of Covid)." In that time, Lasso has gone to state for Golf, Tennis, Speech and even All State Music. 


Along with all of her school-related activities, Lasso involved herself in many activities outside of school. She is a Center for Survivors' Revolution member and is on the Habitat for Humanity Campus Committee - a position she has held for four years. She also stated that she started as Vice President and is currently the President of the Habitat’s Campus Committee. The Campus Committee is a board of five students who attend four different schools. According to Lasso, this means they take representatives from Lakeview, Scotus, Columbus High and Nebraska Christian. Lasso is the only representative from CHS.


Of all these achievements, Lasso's best is yet to come when she competes as a Division 1 golfer for UNO next fall. Lasso plans to study Pre-Law and political science and hopes to earn a music minor if scheduling and classes allow. After college, she wants to be an attorney and work as a defense attorney or a prosecutor. Though she's excited to take her next educational step, Lasso will miss CHS.


"I think I will miss seeing my mom during the school day every day the most. We are very close, and seeing her is the brightest spot of my day. She is also my teacher this year, and I enjoy that very much. I will also miss so many of my teachers that have helped me."


All in all, it stands to reason that Sarah Lasso will be a big deal at UNO, just like she was here at CHS. The Anchor News newspaper staff wishes her luck with all her future endeavors!


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