Consumption Conundrums

Consumption Conundrums

Olivya Thege & Carla Gardea


To most celebrating folks, Thanksgiving is the holiday dedicated to gathering and gratitude. However, too many, it's all about the food. The question then becomes, as the dishes are getting passed around the table, what are you adding to your plate? There are certainly right are wrong options. Therefore, if you need to prepare for a Thanksgiving meal or a Thanksgiving debate with your family, this article should help prepare you for the upcoming holiday.


Olivya- It is that time of year when food fanatics go crazy for a tasty Thanksgiving platter. While my position is hardly traditional if you are not running to get dessert first, what are you doing? I have yet to see Aunt Becky make a turkey with brown gravy that has me skipping the pie. If you insist on eating a meal before your dessert like an infant, I suppose you could add a good portion of mashed potatoes and sweet corn. Pot-stirring aside, there is something about having that combo of salty mashed potatoes and crunchy sweet corn that makes Thanksgiving more than just the November pit stop before Christmas. That, plus some butter and a little pepper? *chefs kiss*


On the other side of mashed potatoes and corn, I also love adding loads of yummy turkey; it makes me drool just thinking about it. When you get the perfect, juicy piece of turkey, it makes Thanksgiving a lot more enjoyable. Hold on, though! That's not quite all. How could I forget ham? Although ham does not take over my plate as much as turkey does, it sure hits the spot. Ham is not everyone's preferred choice, but it most certainly needs to be a part of your dish. Turkey is your savory meat, ham is your sweet. All things are in balance, but after dessert, of course.


Carla- Sometimes it's better to go classic. Still, sometimes it's better to stray from the typical Thanksgiving meal path. For example, my favorite dish at my thanksgiving dinner, instead of turkey, is a ribeye steak. 


Turkey can be so bland and predictable. With the same stuffing. the same garnish, the same cold sandwich the next day - talk about boring! Why not switch it up with a plate of juicy steak? You can still stick to classic sides of mashed potatoes, corn, and bread or any other sides that you prefer.


If you enjoy vegetables as much as I do, then chances are that there'll be a side of green beans with my corn and potatoes. An array of healthy yet delicious sides is all you need to tie together the perfect thanksgiving dish. 


Now that you know what we like to top our plates with, what's on your holiday menu? No matter what you eat for Thanksgiving this year, make sure it's actually good:)


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