Cheerleaders Making Homecoming a Memorable Experience

It’s homecoming week once again at CHS, a week full of school spirit and dress-up themes. As you should all know, the theme for Homecoming this Saturday is the red carpet, and the cheer team is going all out for this dance! After a two-year hiatus, Ms. Joseph is back in charge again of coaching and is determined to make this Homecoming experience the best one so far!


The cheerleading team is a massive help in making Homecoming possible. They have spent hours creating the decorations, selling tickets, advertising with their posters and doing what they can to spread the word. Ms. Joseph says that the cheer team split into several committees to ensure that every detail was covered. She also says that they have spent loads of time after cheer practice completing their committee work as well.


However, Coach Joseph says that they have also been improving their routines and mastering their stunts to the best of their ability. This way, they can incorporate them throughout their sideline cheers where they can show off all their hard work!


Now you may be wondering, what type of decorations did the cheer team make for this dance? Well to answer that question, Coach Joseph says, “The decorations are a'll just have to come to the dance and see for yourselves! However, I can tell you that we have some very artistic cheerleaders who have worked hard to create a Hollywood red-carpet vibe.” 


While the cheer coach didn’t let the cat out of the bag on that subject, she did let us know that their goal for this dance was to make this Homecoming a memorable one! The cheer team has done its best to create an event that everyone can enjoy, and look forward to. They are excited to see all their hard work come together and see the final spectacular result and see who takes the Homecoming King and Queen titles this year. 


Coach Joseph says that she was very excited to be involved in helping out with Homecoming; it brings her tremendous joy and fulfillment to be a cheer coach again. It was hard for her to leave her place as the cheer coach for a while and while it is unexpected, she was very happy to be back in this position once again. She encourages everyone to keep an eye out for the cheer team throughout the quarter breaks because that's when they perform their eye-catching stunts.


All in all, the CHS cheerleading team and their coach have done a great amount of work to make this dance possible. They radiate positivity with their posters and encourage school spirit at games and competitions. So make sure to keep an eye out for them at the next football game and cheer them on as they perform their stunts at the end of each quarter!


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