New Restaurant Opening in Columbus

Columbus is gearing up for the opening of a brand new smoothie shop.


Tropical Smoothie Cafe is coming to Columbus courtesy of owners Mr. Cody Luchsinger, Lynsay Luchsinger, and Trevor Luchsinger is planning to open by mid or late October after construction has delayed their originally planned opening. Once the restaurant is ready to open, its business hours will be Monday through Saturday from 7 am - 9 pm. Sunday hours will be from 8 - 8. 


Now then, onto the menu! If you’re interested in healthy options, the healthiest food they have to offer is called “The Detox Island Green Smoothie.” This, paired with any of their “Fan Favorite” Salads will have you feeling good and ready to burn these wholesome calories while conquering your day! However, because Tropical Smoothie Cafe does not have any fried food, everything on its menu is a healthier option than traditional fast food.


Some of the fantastic fares they offer are flatbreads, wraps, sandwiches, quesadillas, and salads with an abundance of gluten-free and vegetarian options! Some of Luchsinger’s favorite food items are the “Buffalo Chicken Wrap” or the “Smokey Grill Cheese.” Luchsinger also notes that many customers like to start their day with the “Peanut Butter Banana Crunch FlaBread.”


As you might expect for a business named Tropical Smoothie Cafe, they have a lot of options for smoothies! No matter what smoothie you choose, you’re guaranteed a variety of fruits, vegetables, and dessert-based ingredients. Some customer favorites include the “Blimey Limey” or the “Peanut Butter Cup” smoothie.


Now, alleged insiders will claim that Tropical Smoothie Cafe has a “Secret Menu.” Luchsinger put that rumor to rest by saying, “ Well there isn't a "secret menu" but there are promotional/limited time smoothies and food items that are offered through the year as seasons change. There is also a ‘Retired Smoothie’ list that is off the menu that you can request.”  


To sum up, we at Anchor News are ecstatic to have another healthy option like Tropical Smoothie Cafe opening very soon! So make sure to check it out once it opens! For updates about Tropical Smoothie Cafe and anything else Discoverers, be sure to follow Anchor News on Fusfoo, Twitter, and Instagram!

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