Munchin' on the Lunchin'

Thinking about lunch right now? Us too.


Our goal today is to share with you the most tasty meals served here at Columbus High School. After surveying over 100 students, we’re happy to announce the favorite main courses according to the student body! 


Coming in first place is the scrumptious mac and cheese. This is a delicious entre which most students here favor due to the amount of cheese and how it "melts in your mouth.” 


Clearly, the mac and cheese - delicious. The noodles have a level of cheese that is not too much and not too little, just ethereal, too perfect for this world. Meanwhile, the mouthwatering noodles provide a steady, soft consistency for the entire meal.  If the heart of the meal wasn’t enough, roughly a quarter of the total votes chose macaroni and cheese solely for the delicious bread roll that comes on the side. Junior Marissa Anderson sums it up best when she says, “The mac and cheese is by far the best meal at CHS.”


The runner up is the chicken ranch pasta, (what can I say? We're pasta people around here). People tend to enjoy the hearty alfredo sauce with the subtle, yet substantive tang of ranch.


Although it did not make 1st place, chicken ranch pasta will forever be the favorite meal of many. Much like the mac and cheese, students love this enticing pasta due to the appetizing bread roll that comes warm on the side. However, it is the flavorful penne noodles that send your taste buds on a journey. Along with the noodles, the seasoned chicken adds flavor to each bite. Lastly, the alfredo sauce enhances the entire meal with a flavorsome kick that seals the perfection of the chicken ranch pasta. 


In third place came a tie between two non-pasta meals: the mini corn dogs and the nachos. 


Moral of the story, noodles are superior. We digress…


Anyway, one of the two third place winners, the simple, but tasty treat, mini corn dogs. These puppies consist of mini hotdogs dipped into cornbread and baked to a perfect crisp. These mini mojos make for a great snack or meal in and of themselves with the added flexibility of an on-the-go type of meal, or a fun, sit down family meal. They are easily a favorite of many kids under the age of 15 and are an easy-prep type of meal. Combined with sauces like ketchup or barbeque sauce, these mini corn dogs get a zangy flavor added to the already bursting-with-flavor like meal. In reality, if the elementary would have been included in this vote, there would be zero competition between these corn dogs and the rest. Luckily, these youngsters do not rule the world, and we are lucky enough to have some variety in our main courses. Tied with third place, we have the top tier, best-of-the-best (okay not according to this poll but still a valid candidate), nachos. These chips have a mouth-watering cheese sauce that makes you so excited that you want to do the chicken dance while waiting in line for it. The cheese is a gift from Shakspeare himself forcing you to spew gibberish that no one understands because the flavors are so bold. The chips are a simple delicacy- enough said. They have the perfect crunch and when added with the cheese sauce, they simply cannot be beat. Although the Mac and Cheese was probably the "Hamlet" of school lunches, the nachos are a solid "Romeo and Juliet." 


In conclusion, we have some pretty valid lunch options. If you disagree, you are now considered a picky eater if you haven't already been listed as such. The mac and cheese is the best overall, but there is no end to our delicious options. The chicken ranch pasta is a somewhat close second, with the creamy alfredo sauce and the finely diced chicken, and the mini corn dogs and nachos tie for third with no debate about why they are on this list. So, all this begs the question…when’s lunch?!?


For more culinary evaluations of our fine cafeteria fare, be sure to follow CHS Anchor News on Twitter, Fusfoo, and Instagram!


Mac and cheese

Chicken Ranch Pasta

Mini Corndogs


Popcorn Chicken

Spicy chicken sandwich

Chicken sandwich

Pizza in general

Assorted other

16 votes

10 votes

6 votes

6 votes

5 votes

5 votes

4 votes

4 votes

46 votes


By: Brenna Wemhoff and Evan Reab


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