BIONIC Club: Making CHS a Better Place

There are so many hardships that high school students go through. Whether it's a new school, family members passing away, sickness or being bullied, everyone needs someone that they can trust to help them through that rough time. CHS’s BIONIC Club does just that!


A group of great students has made sure CHS is a welcoming and encouraging school. With the three different committees - welcoming, celebration and encouragement - they make sure that they have everything covered. Sophomore Erin Martinez proudly serves on the welcoming committee and makes sure that everyone feels like they belong and are welcomed. “We try our best to make them feel included and let them know we care,” Martinez stated. 


Mrs. Valerie Brown, the head of the club, mentions, “Our BIONIC group reaches out to other students going through challenging times such as being new, sick, hospitalized, bullied, or losing a loved one. Our hope is that students who participate in BIONIC feel a connection, a sense of purpose and value as they see others being encouraged and supported by their outreaches.”


Even though there are teachers running the show, this club needs students who can represent and hopefully relate to what the new students are going through. President Rafael Azpeitia, Vice President Ellie Loeffelholz and Secratary Danica Fuentes are just a couple of the students who make it their mission to relate to the students and help them through whatever they are going through.


Azpeitia states, “As president of BIONIC, I am responsible for creating our bimonthly meeting agendas and then carrying out those agendas at our meetings. Moreover, I am in constant communication with our leadership to ensure that we meet our commitments to the best of our ability.” Rafael is committed to making sure every member of the group is involved and doing their best.”


BIONIC hosts events for new students, such as tailgates, which they just had September 15 before that night’s volleyball game to welcome new students.  Be sure to listen closely to the announcements for such events in the future.  If you would like support from BIONIC Club, you can reach out to the leadership team members named above or one of its faculty sponsors.


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