CHS Is Bringing Back Creative Writing

Are you looking for a place where you won’t be judged for your thoughts, feelings, hopes or dreams? This year, CHS proudly boasts a Creative Writing Club for just such searchers.



While it has been available before at CHS, this version of the club is still in its infancy. When Mr. Nate Steele, the club’s former advisor, left CHS, the club was put on hold. Luckily, Ms. May found the reins and is ready to steer the club into a successful future.



At an informational meeting this past Monday, interested parties decided the club should meet Mondays after school from 3:45 to 5:00. Ms. May wanted to be sure that the meetings would coordinate with busy student schedules filled with work, other clubs or athletics. Very few CHS Clubs meet on Mondays, so depending on your after school agenda, the Creative Writing Club is likely to fit in your docket.



This club is going to include writing exercises, peer workshops and other activities. This will be a place where students can get feedback on their writing and learn new techniques to help them improve. Ms. May hopes to go over skills that will help students improve fiction, non-fiction and poetry writing, but, ultimately, it is up to the students to decide what they are most interested in. 



An added perk of this club is that it is free. People in this club need nothing more than a writing utensil,  notebook and their creative brains ready to soar. 



Overall, the Creative Writing Club is for all students. Any student interested is encouraged to come to the meetings and join in the fun. Members will be allowed to express their creativity through writing in any way they want, as long as those expressions are school appropriate. Nothing is better than being able to express yourself, especially at school where you spend most of your time; so ladies and gentlemen, come join this club and let your freak flag fly!



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