WE SAID: Summertime Jammz

Last year, the Anchor News staff came up with an idea.


Rather than continuing to argue over our favorite summertime picnic foods, we should state our arguments in writing a collective “We Said” article to make our case.  We liked the idea so much that this year’s staff decided to do it again.  


Rather than re-hashing the picnic food debate (a debate that potato salad clearly won), we decided to argue over our favorite summertime jammz.  We hope our picks put you in just the right mood for the upcoming summer vacation!


Nyah Lewis - “Count On Me” - Bruno Mars


By this time of the school year, students and kids everywhere are most likely thinking about one thing and one thing only: hanging out with their friends over summer vacation! Duh! So what is better than a summertime jamm that is all about being there for your friends when they need it?


“Count on Me” by Bruno Mars is a soul-reaching, heartfelt song that will not only touch your heart and soul, but will also remind you of the friends in your life that you would do almost anything for.


This extravagant 2010  masterpiece is a song for people with all kinds of different music tastes. It is a mix of R&B/Soul, Alternative/Indie, Afrobeats, and, of course, we can’t forget about Pop. Another distinct reason why this song is a must have on your playlist is that it can be taken in a variety of ways. Some people might find this song sad.  Others might find it to be a love song. Some could very possibly think it is the best karaoke option in the whole wide world and NOTHING you do or say will change their minds. Others could even claim it is a ballad.  What I am trying to say here is that when there is room for interpretation about the meaning, those songs are the best ones out there.  All in all, if you or a friend are ever feeling down, I promise you can count on this song to cheer y’all up as soon as you press play.


Camila Vargas - “Lush Life” - Zara Larson


Need the perfect summertime jamm? "Lush Life" by Zara Larson is just the perfect song for you! After a long school year full of tiresome essays and mind boggling math and science equations, you definitely need a break. Instead of stressing over school work, you need to live life to the fullest, and summer vacation is the best time to have a blast! 


However, for every summer memory or trip, you need a jamm to lift your spirits and make you dance with joy. “Lush Life” talks about living your life to the fullest, like each day is your last, putting the past behind you and having an unforgettable time. It talks about how you have to live each day the way you want to, find your own groove, through the ups and downs of life, facing it all with a grin on your face and making the most of every moment. Not only does this song have a great message, but the chorus is catchy and upbeat. It all flows and comes together creating a uplifting feeling and environment. I have no doubt that you will have it on repeat for hours. 


Cleary this song belongs on your summertime jamm playlist!


Olivya - “Good Days (Clean Version)” - SZA


One song that will make you want to roll your windows down and blow your speakers out is “Good Days” by SZA. This song is not only great for a summertime jamm, but it allows you to feel some kind of emotion with it too. SZA is an artist that is dedicated to making music that will make young teens get into their feels. Let me say, she was not lying when she said, “Good days in my mind, safe to take a step out,” because, honestly, I think we all have those days where we just need to step out and just breathe. 


When I listen to the background music at the beginning and end of the song, it just screams summer vibes to me. I like to imagine that I am on a beach with the cool breeze blowing through my hair while the sun is slowly setting. That said, listen to this song as soon as that last bell of the school year rings because it will not only blow your mind, but your speakers.


Mac - “Feels So Good” - Chuck Mangione


I know what you’re thinking.  Can a jamm with no lyrics truly encapsulate all the feelings of summertime?  How can a group of instrumentalists paint everything summer without words to enhance or clarify the message?  Well, if you’re searching for such a jamm, look no further than the Chuck Mangione superhit “Feels So Good.”


Mangione, a flugelhorn virtuoso and red sweater aficionado, may put a face to this jamm, but the real story is the combination of sax, guitar, piano and percussion that makes this number, pardon the pun, feel so good.  The song starts off slow as Mangione blows the melodic leitmotif with minimal underscoring.  However, the measured melody soon ramps up with the addition of the rest of the band, bringing the listener from a place of calm, cool reflection to one of eager anticipation of the excellent emotions to come.


What’s even more impressive about this song is its longevity.  Yes, there is a 3-minute version, but the true jamm is the extended 10-minute rendition.  The 10-minute performance is perfect for a boat ride, car ride, bike ride or even just a walk around the neighborhood.  Before you know it, you’ll be observing those swell vibes as you realize that you’re ten minutes closer to your destination and reaching for the repeat button.  


While any of the above reasons should have you adding this jamm to your Spotify playlist, perhaps the most understated cause for its inclusion is its simplicity.  Lyrics would only complicate everything this song has to offer.  Turn this song on, sit outside with a cool drink and take in a well deserved summer vacation.  There’s really nothing else that feels so good!


Liz - “This Love (Taylor’s Version)” - Taylor Swift  


One artist that can offer a jamm for any season is the one and only Taylor Swift. Her music tells a story that brings any season to life. One song that completely embodies the idea of summer is “This Love (Taylor’s Version).” 


“Clear blue water, High tide came and brought you in” is what I imagine when I think of summer. Waves of bright blue water washing up on the shore, brushing your feet is exactly where anyone would want to be on a hot summer day. Although the song can sound dreary and sad at times, eventually, the chorus hits. When I hear “This love is good This love is bad,'' I immediately want to be in my car with the windows rolled down, screaming the lyrics with my best friends. Logically, you can only have the windows rolled down with weather permitting, so a warm summer day is perfect. 


This song will definitely be a hit this summer because not only did Taylor Swift release it weeks before summer break, but it is being released to be featured in “The Summer I Turned Pretty” series, thus, obviously proving its summertime jamminess. This song is the perfect combination of happiness and sadness, summertime and jamm.  


Steph - “Better Days” Clean Version - Hedely


We all have those days when you feel super unmotivated and extremely dejected. One song that has helped me get over those feelings in order to make the most of the summertime season is called “Better Days” by Hedeley. Mostly love songs speak to your heart, but with a little added mixture of happiness and love, it speaks to your soul, too.


This song is made to give everyone hope. No matter what you are going through and how bad your day is, this song helps people remember that they will have good days too. The song also encourages people to not worry too much about the past or any negativity that can impact you in the future. Hearing this song when you’re already having an amazing day makes you feel even much more happier.  


“Better Days” has an overwhelming summertime energy. It feels like it is a wake-up call that everyone needs. This song can help feel their best for the rest of their season of the year. 


Carla - “Sunshine” - OneRepublic


As we approach the season usually labeled as the best time of our lives, it’s time to think about the truly important things such as, “what the heck are we going to listen to this summer?”. Let’s face the facts: summer isn’t summer without a little bit of “Sunshine,” which is exactly what my summertime jamm consists of. 


“Sunshine,” by OneRepublic, is certainly the song to get the job done. Even in the middle of the dreary rain and curtains of clouds, this song will still shine bright and deliver all the warm, fuzzy feelings everyone is craving. 


OneRepublic encapsulates the definition of summer in these few simple lyrics, “I'm dancin' more just a little bit, Breathin' more just a little bit, Care a little less just a little bit, Like life is woo hoo.” Summer is a break from school, the cold of winter, not technically work because some people have to make a living. “Sunshine” knows exactly how to make this break of the year the best 8 weeks of your life. This legendary band, composed of 8 real cool dudes, is always dropping the best summer hits with the perfect alternate twist to satisfy anybody’s music taste. Delivering the epiphany of good times, special moments and never-ending happiness, add this song to your playlist for an energy-fueling, spirit-lifting end of the school year. 


Kaileigh - “Ready or Not” - Bridgit Mendler


You better be ready to scream your lungs out to this summer time jamm! Bridgit Mendler’s 2012 release “Ready or Not” gives the listener a sense of summertime nostalgia like no other song of our generation. However this song also reaches the younger audience. With its unbeatable windows down, radio up, car filled with friends vibe, this song needs to be on your summertime jamm playlist. 


This song can be listened to no matter the occasion. Mendler’s lyrics swell with  the “beachy night out with your best girls” vibes everybody wants in their jammz. While the song can be listened to anytime of the year, it will make you yearn for summertime. I personally love to listen to it when I'm cruising with my friends around town, just having the best days of our teenage lives. Without a doubt, this song absolutely needs to be the most frequently listened to songs of your summertime jammz playlist. 


Aimar - ¨Paradise¨ - Fabvl


If you are a Fortnite fan or just a human being looking for some good summer songs then this specific song is a noteworthy pick. This song is not known by many, but those who have played the game Fortnite will recognize the multiple references this song makes. ¨Paradise¨ was sung and produced by Fabvl, a YouTube music artist that makes all kinds of nerdcore songs. Fabvl released this song in the summer of 2018, and his lyrics perfectly encapsulate the mood of summer. 


This song truly does make you feel like you're in ¨Paradise.” ¨Paradise¨ is for anyone who wants to relax during the summer heat. The song represents exactly what my summer consists of, that being gaming and sleeping. I just love how this song is so chill and how it brings summer to life in its lyrics. 


Although this song may not appeal to everybody, because of Forknife’s huge fan base, MILLIONS of people can at least appreciate it. Whether you're out on a hot summer day or inside enjoying the air conditioning during your break, you can count on this song to set the summer groove. 


Carys - “Burnin’ Up” - Jonas Brothers


If you are a classic Jonas Brothers fan, this song will be a forever favorite! This song breathes summer. I mean, it’s called “Burnin’ Up” after all. This is truly one of my all time favorite jammz. 


Though this song may be older compared to some of the other songs on this list, the newly approached version by the band can be just as ethereal. I think this is an awesome summertime jamm because it has a high energy pop vibe. Almost any person that watched Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, or even had a childhood would enjoy this song. 


Summertime is supposed to be the best time of the year. However, if you do not have good music to listen to that makes you happy, wakes you up, and gets you excited for summer, it won’t be. “Burnin’Up” is a song that will do all of this, plus give you some some nostalgia from childhood. Summer is also a great time to do things you enjoy and I certainly enjoy listening to this song! 


Hannah Kwapnioski - “Black Magic” - Little Mx


The song “Black Magic'' is a song that has maintained its likability over the years. The song was originally released in 2015 by the British girl group Little Mix. “Black Magic '' still remains their most sold and listened to song. The song itself can be seen as a female empowerment anthem. The song uses the term black magic as a metaphor for their personal characteristics. In the song they also talk about how they “have the answers” which refers to how self love can be taught to others.


This is a song of the summer because it is one of those songs that people want to scream to while they roll their windows and let the wind whip through the car. Another reason why it is a song of the summer is because this song has been around for 7 years and it is one of those songs that will always be fun to jam out to. Even though it became a hit in 2015, the song still remains on a multitude of Apple Music created summer playlists


So once that bell rings, step outside, roll down the windows, hit play, turn up the volume, and enjoy the best way to start your summer 2022.


Zoey - “Power” - Little Mix


Little Mix is an British feminist girl band, their song “Power” was released on May 26, 2017. Due to the song's upbeat rhythm and lyrics, the song reached top six in the UK and even reached number two in Scotland. 


In this song, the girl group assert that they have just as much control of the relationship as the other person. Little Mix is all about girl power and making women everywhere feel good about themselves. This song is a real confidence booster everywhere and helps girls feel like themselves. 


This song is a summer jamm because it is an upbeat song that everyone can sing along to. I personally love listening to this song in the car with my friends and singing as loud as we can.  So if you're looking for a song you can scream as loud as you can to why don’t you add this song to your summertime jammz playlist and enjoy your summer. 


To close, we’d like to thank everybody for reading and watching this year, and hope you choose to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @chsanchornews.  We hope to see you back next year and wish you nothing but safety and happiness for the summer ahead!    


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